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Stinger Driver Safety Computer (DSI) & Stinger DSI + Radar Detection

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The Driver Safety Computer

"During the Spectre testing of the Stinger, the Spectre II and III were only 12 feet away from the unit. Neither Spectre units alerted at all to the detectors presence."

"This is was the most amazing radar detector that he had ever tested."

"Tested point blank range against Spectre IV with no detection."

"4~6 times longer Multanova detection than what others call the best Multanova detector."

The Stinger DSI Computer is now firmly recognised as the leading fully integrated STEALTH system or your demanding or luxury vehicle. Nearly 4 times the range of the "best Multanova detector" there is no doubt if you demand the best

The DSI Computer is the only product on the market capable of not only detecting but analysing all frequencies concurrently.  There is no scanning sweep, or delay, as found in ALL other superheterodyne based radar detectors.

Now with updated GPS module for faster logging and 10x the memory!


The standard DSI Computer is 100% legal everywhere.  Stinger DSI Computer + Radar Detector should only be used where radar detectors are legal. Stinger DSI Computer + Radar Detector is the ONLY 100% PASSIVE, stealth radar detector, all other "stealth" designs still use an active superheterodyne antenna including the Beltronics STI Driver and Beltronics STI-R. Using a 100% passive spectrum analyser antenna results in true 100% passive stealth without any reduction in sensitivity.  In fact, the Stringer DSI Computer design is based on military spectrum analysing technology that is capable of scanning all band concurrently and is many times more sensitive than any superheterodyne based technology.


Stinger DSI Computer -

The standard Stinger DSI Computer system incorporates GPS black spot location alerts and provides the ultimate trip logging facilities. An ideal tool of the trade for self employed or executives with fleet vehicles. Simply and easily log kilometres travelled as either "personal travel" or "business related travel" greatly simplifies tax and expenses for work related travel. The standard Stinger DSI Computer can be upgraded with (and downgraded from) Radar Detection capabilities at no extra cost.


Stinger DSI Computer + Radar Detection -

Stinger DSI.Stylish, advanced and also only the size of a credit card, you could store the Card away in your wallet. Above all it is a real Stinger. The Card support Warning Safety Signals.

Stinger DSI Computer + Radar Detection offers unparalleled protection from police laser. The first and only 100% stealth and 100% passive radar detection device. This system is based on a powerful military technology spectrum analyser antenna.  The Stinger DSI Computer + Radar Detection scans all band concurrently and is not based on an active superheterodyne receiver like all other radar detectors. DSI Computer + Radar Detection owners demand the very best performance possible. A unique and innovative feature is that the Radar Detection feature can be easily and immediately removed from the DSI Computer in case the driver travels to a jurisdiction where Radar Detection is illegal. Then when the driver returns to home or the office, the Radar Detection feature can be reinstalled via a free PC connection and Stinger DSI PC software. Radar Detection capabilities can be installed and removed when required.

Stinger DSI Computer Multanova detection performance

Stinger DSI Computer + Radar Detection has the absolute undisputed longed K and KA band radar detection available. Below are 3 videos, the detection range was limited only by the available length of road and terrain. Hutton Street pictured below has a hill at each end and a low point in the middle.  If the road was longer and not so hilly, the detection range would likely have been longer still. Video #3 was actually taken first and determined to be below the maximum detection range.  Video 1 and 2 were taken at the furthest reasonable point, past this point was on the decline of a second hill and a detection over 2 hills at over 1km would not be reasonably expected.


Stinger DSI Computer

Stinger DSI Antenna.With our pioneering background as a European market leader and innovator in the field of high-end radar detectors, we have spent more than 12 years gathering customer input. After marrying up these customer ideas with our own wish list, we set to work on developing the new Stinger three years ago. The initial R&D phase revealed that we could produce something much more beautiful and unique than we initially had in mind. And if it can be done bigger and better, we won't hesitate to make it bigger and better. The downside of Stinger's endless perfectionism is that development was significantly delayed. On the upside, we have produced a dream product. No other consumer product can match its brilliance.


DSI Computer

The 'DSI Computer' is a modular computer system for motorists, consisting of a Computer Centre and multiple connecting modules. The entire machine is operated via the 'Memory Display' module, a 'Graphic User Interface'.

The DSI is highly future proof, not least because of its modular design: to activate a new development, all the user needs to do is to click on a new module in the Computer Centre. Furthermore, the PC Interface software can be used to download updates from this website. All these features combined means the DSI is a valuable investment for years to come.

World exclusive: Military precision in your car

The Spectrum Analyser is by far the most eye-catching module. This unique Stinger invention is based on the 'laboratory spectrum analyser', a relatively large and expensive device used by institutes that deal with professional and applied scientific research for precision measurements and analyses in the field of microwave signals. Due to its compact size, the Stinger Spectrum Analyser can be quickly and easily built into your car, and is reasonably inexpensive. But that's not all. Our engineers have been able to combine this Spectrum Analyser with a 'patch antenna', based on military technology, applied in F-16 fighter jets and intelligent Rocket Launcher Systems. The 'patch antennae guarantees not only razor-sharp precision but is also an essential aid for the extreme sensitivity of the DSI.

DSI Computer applications

Backed up by cutting-edge technology and an intelligent computer, the DSI Computer can be deployed for a multitude of hyper intelligent applications, such as:

  • Safety Signals - "Warning! Roadwork."

  • Police Check - The roles reversed

  • Military Detection - Military measurement technology, double the distance
    Route Logging - Automatic mileage reporting

  • The 'Safety Signals' function can be used to warn motorists of e.g. roadworks, crossings used by children going to or coming from school, and police and ambulance services.

  • Reverse the roles for a change: DSI's 'Police Check' enables motorists to check police accuracy and the legality of speed controls.

  • 'Military Detection' combines the 'Radar Alert' and 'GPS Detection' functions. Using military measurement techniques - the new Stinger is not a radar detector - the DSI can issue a warning at twice the distance of radar detectors such as the legendary Stinger Ventura.

  • 'Route Logging' is a GPS-driven automatic mileage reporting system for the tax man and/or fleet management.


Overview of Stinger DSI Computer

The Stinger 'Driver Safety & Information Computer' consists of a 'Computer Centre' and various modules - such as e.g. the GPS antenna, Memory Display and Spectrum Analyser - which can be operated by clicking on the Computer Centre screen.

Stinger DSI Computer diagram.


Stinger DSI Computer Applications

Stinger DSI Computer display.1. Safety Signals: "Warning! Roadworks."

The Spectrum Analyser enables real-time, remote reception and decoding of so-called Safety Signals. The 'Safety Signals' function warns the driver of potentially dangerous traffic situations. Road workers, schools, police and ambulance services emit Safety Signals, which are immediately transferred into a warning signal for cars equipped with DSI.


2. Police Check: The roles reversed.

There has been a recent upsurge in news items reporting on the inaccuracy of police speed checks. Police radars often fail to operate within the statutory frequency bands or are set at an incorrect angle. In addition, car registration plates are not always read properly due to illegibility or sloppy note-taking. Stinger took up this challenge years ago and can finally offer European motorists the ideal tool to defend themselves against unjust fines. DSI's Police Check enables the motorist to check the validity and accuracy of police speed checks, arming the user with sufficient proof to avoid being fined. The Police Check function is available in the most extensive DSI version, the 'Elite Edition'.

The Police Check function uses e.g. GPS and the Spectrum Analyser to keep an exact track of your route, all radar control points passed and, in the case of radar, the exact measurement frequency and speed.

Under the famous Mulder Act, the burden of proof in the event of a traffic fine is shifted to the car owner. Under this Act, the onus is on the owner to prove that he has not committed a traffic violation. The Police Check function can help you with this burden of proof.


3. Military Detection: Military technology, double the distance.

'Military Detection' comprises of the 'Radar Alert' and GPS Detection functions. As previously mentioned, the new Stinger is not a radar detector. Thanks in part to the Spectrum Analyser and 'patch antenna' technology, the system is able to spot police radars with scientific accuracy at distances previously thought impossible. The DSI Computer can issue a warning at over twice the distance of radar detectors such as the legendary Stinger Ventura.


Stinger GPS Detection technology supports the radar alert function and enables advanced technology, such as:

SpotListing, activating alarms in fixed places

Simply press the 'SpotList' button to mark all locations where you would like to be warned, such as new radar poles and dangerous crossings. Simple and highly effective. The SpotListing function provides motorists with a warning signal for non-radar and laser speed traps (poles with induction loops, route controls), i.e. speed traps that cannot be identified by the Spectrum Analyser. SpotListing is additionally available to customers purchasing DSI without the Radar Alert function. It approximates Radar Alert on the basis of a national database (available in the U.K. this year). SpotListing is a free application, saving DSI users from taking out expensive and complicated subscriptions.

FalseListing, making nuisance alarms a thing of the past

Imagine this: You drive past the same petrol station every day. The automatic doors of that petrol station cause the radar detector to produce a false alarm. Every morning. Is that radar detector slow witted? Yes. The Stinger DSI is far more intelligent. All the DSI motorist needs to do is press the 'FalseList' button when passing the petrol station. From then on, you will no longer be bothered by false alarms when driving past that location.

SpeedSense: No alarms below a certain speed

Do you often hear radar alerts even though you aren't speeding? The Stinger DSI allows you to enter two speed values below which no alarm will sound, one for motorways and one for non-motorway driving. The DSI GPS module determines which of the two values to apply. The luxury of relaxed driving.

CurrentSpeed: GPS speed at alarm.

Available by popular demand. Many motorists automatically look at their display when a warning is sound. During each warning, the CurrentSpeed function displays the real-time speed on your DSI. The latest GPS technology ensures this value is even more accurate than the value indicated by your car.


4. Route Logging: Automatic mileage administration.

The 'Elite Edition' of the DSI will also boast the 'Route Logging' function, a GPS-driven automatic mileage reporting system for the tax man and/or fleet management.


5. Spectrum Analysis: Accurate on-site measurements

The DSI enables professional users such as microwave engineers and/or mechanics to work with a spectrum analyser at any location. The DSI Spectrum Analyser is many times cheaper than the 50,000 Euro that a classic laboratory spectrum analyser will set you back. In addition, thanks to its highly compact size, the DSI Spectrum Analyser can be used anywhere: At measurement locations all over the country, as well as in your own laboratory.




Stinger DSI Computer Modules

DSI Computer by Stinger computer centre.Computer Center (CC-01)

Multifunctional, powerful computer built into your car (out of view, usually behind the dashboard, in the same position as the main unit of a car alarm).
The driving force behind all DSI Computer systems. Entirely developed by Stinger. Modules designed or approved by Stinger can simply be clicked into the computer, and communication established.
The CC-01 can be equipped with a built-in MP3 sound processor for future speech recognition applications. This enables the motorist to use the system applications without display (or other visible components).
The Computer Center can also be equipped with an in-built GPS board.


  • Equipped with FLASH memory for updating DSI operating software.
  • 4 addressable ports for connecting extra modules (Theoretical maximum: 64 Info Units per port)
  • 2 digital in- and outputs (for example to automatically control the radio mute function of your in-car system)
  • Internal MP3 player (optional) allows for spoken instructions and other digital sound effects.
  • Internal GPS board (optional) for Smart Alert applications such as SpotListing and FalseListing and SpeedSense.
  • Total dimensions: approx. 13.5 x 9.5 x 2.8 cm (LxWxH)
  • High Quality external speaker (speech quality)

Memory Display (MD-01)

DSI Stinger Computer Display.Designed by the Italian design studio Giallo 008, super flat display. Multi-functional. Extremely user-friendly thanks to full graphic LCD screen and 7-function keys. Also readable in the dark thanks to (adjustable) backlighting.


Equipped with Flash memory for uploading and downloading information to your PC (via the optional PC Interface). Although it can be connected directly to the Computer Center, it has been designed to click onto the Display Holder via a clever magnet connection for additional ease of use.



  • Graphic LCD screen (backlit)
  • Flash memory for e.g. software updates and transporting Trip Registration.
  • Dimensions: approx. 10.2 x 5.7 x 1.3 cm (LxWxH)
  • Use separate PC Interface to connect to your PC.
  • Magnetic coupling for Display Holder


GPS Module (including GPS antenna) (GM-01)

DSI Computer GPS interface.The American government has filled the skies with satellites. The so-called Global Positioning System (GPS) enables us to measure our location anywhere on earth up to tens of meters accuracy. We have embraced this technology to give added functionality to the DSI Computer, including: Journey Registration, FalseListing and SpotListing. To use these functions, all you need to do is plug in the DSI GPS module.



Display Holder (DH-01)

Stinger DSI Computer PC Interface.Although your Memory Display can be connected directly to the Computer Center, it is often easier to use the Display Holder. This is particularly useful if you wish to remove the display from view, for example to deter thieves.

Simply attach the plug of the connecting cable in the Display Holder instead of in the display. From now on, all you need to do is press the display against the holder. Thanks to the clever 'One-Click' magnet construction, it is secured immediately, and also establishes the feed and data connection. Removing the display is equally straightforward: simply remove it from the holder...



  • "One-Click" conductive magnet construction.
  • Fastening screw holes in accordance with standard ISO-DIN norm
  • Dimensions: approx. 9.1 x 5 x 1 (LxWxH)


PC Interface (PI-01)

DSI Stinger Computer Interface.Use the PC Interface to connect the Memory Display to your PC. Data from your DSI Computer can be transferred to your PC for processing, printing or saving.

The opposite is also possible. Settings, databases or the latest version of the Stinger Operating System can be downloaded from the Internet. Use the PC Interface to transfer this data from your PC to the Memory Display. The next time you connect your Memory Display in the car, the latest information is automatically fed to your Computer Center.


Extension Box (EB-01)
Stinger DSI Computer expansion box.

The Extension Box is a junction box giving you 3 extra connections per box. We advise the installation of one Extension Box in the motor compartment during assembly. This enables you to plug in multiple modules in the motor compartment of your car without the need for additional cables.

  • gives 3 additional connection points.
  • heat-resistant, drip and splash proof
  • for easy attachment, equipped with screw holes and tie-wrap slots.
  • dimensions: approx. 11 x 8.2 x 2.7 cm (LxWxH)

Spectrum Analyser (SA-02)

Stinger Spectrum Analyzer.Stinger's biggest achievement so far is undoubtedly the invention of the Spectrum Analyser.


Surpassing our customers wildest dreams, Stinger engineers have spent years closely examining the operation of professional laboratory analysers. Further inspiration was sought from the defence industry. The highly advanced Active Phased Array Radar (APAR) is used for critical radar applications.

The two biggest problems facing our engineers were miniaturising the system and making desired technologies affordable. Although Stinger prioritises quality and performance over cost price, a price tag of hundreds of thousands of Euros would have caused a minor rebellion.


The end result cost a lot of blood, sweat and tears. It is a unique system in every sense.

  • Able to analyse a whole spectrum at once.
  • Able to track multiple sources simultaneously.
  • Fully computer-driven.
  • 100% accuracy, even in extreme temperature variations.
  • Spectrum measurement capability, both indoors and outdoors*
  • High-frequency shield (Ultra Shielding)
  • No signal leakages (Real Stealth)
  • S.P.A.R.: Stinger's patented version of Phased Aray Radar (up to now only used by the military)
  • Ultra flat design: a mere 2.5 cm thick
  • Dimensions: approx. 6.2 x 6.2 x 2.5 cm. (LxWxH)
  • Equipped with 'click-on' securing cams and standard radio-strip for easy attachment

LaserShield, from Stigner for Card or DSI Computer

Stinger Laser Analyser.Unique system for observing infrared signals (such as laser). Unique for simultaneous optical and electronic filtering. Its position on the car's exterior means the Infrared Sensor is not affected by the dimming operation of a front window.

  • Warns motorists when someone with a potential dangerous laser shoots towards your car (such as from certain laser jammers)
  • Ideal as a remote control receiver to control Card functions from outside your car
  • External dimensions: 52.5 x 13.8 x 2.2 cm (L x B x H)


Stinger DSI Computer installation pictures

Stinger Card installed on a BMW

Stinger Computer Modules in car.



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