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We are proud to announce available exclusively from iRADARS.CO.NZ to you, two of the very best Radar Detectors that money can buy.

You have found the best place to buy radar detectors and laser defence in New Zealand.

At iRADARS.CO.NZ the price you see is the price you pay delivered to your door by certified delivery service. Delivery is usually less than 3-5 business days from receipt of your payment, but may take longer if you are in a remote area in New Zealand. We promise to provide you the best possible price on your new radar detectors - guaranteed.

All radar detectors that we supply are fully approved and backed with legitimate factory/supplier warranties. Please note some suppliers falsely claim to modify radar detectors such as Whistler Radars and Valentine One for the New Zealand market, these claims are entirely false.

All radar detectors we supply are pre-programmed and also tested and suitable for use in New Zealand. Many models and brands provide little or no protection against new low powered photo cameras now being used in New Zealand. You can rest assured that all products we offer are both tested and configured for effective use in New Zealand, straight from the box. No reprogramming or expensive ongoing services required.

We have made it really easy for you. We only offer radar detectors and laser jammer suitable for use in New Zealand.

Believe us when we say many brands, makes and models simply won't give any advanced warning against police radar or laser used in New Zealand.

Our Radar Detectors

  • Free certified delivery on all radar detectors for customers in New Zealand.
  • We also provide wholesale, retail, group discount and car club discounts, please contact us for special pricing.
  • All radars and laser jammers come with full manufacturer's warranty on all products sold at iRADARS.co.nz.
  • All prices include delivery, the price you see is the price that you pay.
Valentine 1
Valentine One V1 radar detectors.
Price Just $895 NZ
Vengeance 2
Vengeance 2 V2 radar detectors.
Price Just $295 NZ

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Traffic laws are there to ensure the safety of all road users. When you break the law you must also expect to accept the consequences. iRadars advies drivers to always obey all traffic laws

Demerit points are given for some traffic offences and for ALL speeding infringements, except those recorded by speed cameras. If you get a total of 100 or more demerit points within two years your licence will be suspended for 3 months. If you are disqualified by the court for 6 months or more, any previous demerit points will be cleared from your record. Demerit points are dropped if you have not offended for two years or you are suspended from driving through the demerit point system.

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